Inbox Dollars Review: Get Paid For Random Online Tasks

The InboxDollars business opportunity video, or brochure, or whatever the independent product consultant trying to enroll you sent over, should be accompanied by my video above.

If you’re into essential oils, great. Buy InboxDollars products as a customer.

But joining the biz opp? And expecting to make money? That’s a different story. And that’s why I shared mine.

‘Cause multilevel marketing has a dark side.

And after being a top earner myself, I speak from experience when I say one of two things will happen for any ICP:

One, you’ll make very little; maybe even lose money.

Or two, you’ll make some, maybe even a lot, but do so at the expense of many others failing.

The first scenario is about 98-99 times more likely to happen.

The second is the 1-2% of elite earners — you know, the ones they like to parade around and use in their promo videos.

(Yes, I know. It seems like everyone and their brother is doing 10, 20, $50k per month in network marketing, but it’s just not the case.)

To me, though, neither outcome passes the “mirror test.”

Even though I was bringing in over $30,000 per month at one point, I wasn’t happy.

I didn’t feel good about getting rich while my team worked their butts off and still lost money. I couldn’t look myself in the mirror and say, “Yep, this is what I’m proud to do for a living.”

It was a yucky feeling. And that’s why I got out. Hey, don’t be mad at me:

Like I say in all of my articles, my beef is not with your company.

I know very little about InboxDollars . But I know a lot about the model of multilevel marketing, and therein lies my of inboxdollars stealth secrets

It’s a business full of moral, ethical and mathematical issues.

For those who’ve got no problem selling to their friends and family and seeing ’em fail? The math will still (likely) getcha.

Meaning, you’ll hustle to make the 1-2% at the top of the compensation plan even wealthier.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Better business models exist. I would know:

(Hint, hint. Wink, wink. This is me shoving you over to this page.)